Construction Master Stair Calculator

Construction Master Stair Calculator

The Construction Master can be used as a stair calculator,
to figure rafter lengths, squaring walls, and many more uses. In
addition to the special purpose uses already mentioned the construction
master can also perform the functions of a regular calculator.

is the handiest stair construction tool to come along since the framing
square. Accurate to within 1/16th of an inch it will greatly speed up and simplify the math involved with stair layout.

Calculator Stair Functions

After entering the values for total rise, run, and desired riser
height the construction master will accurately and quickly display the
following information.



7 5/8 INCH R-HT

14. RSRS

10 1/8 INCH T-WD

13. TRDS

13- 8 3/4 FEET INCH STRG

36.98 º INCL

7 1/2 INCH R-HT



Total Rise

Total Run

Individual Riser Height

Number of Risers

Tread Width

Number of Treads

Overall Stringer Length

Angle of Incline

Stored Desired Riser Height

Stored Desired Tread Width

Stored Minimum Headroom

Stair Calculator Riser Setting

By default the desired riser and tread settings are set at 7 1/2″ and
10″ respectively. The desired riser height can be reset to a new height
if you need it for a special set of stairs such as the type used in
nursing homes.

Lets say you need to build stairs
with a 5 1/2″ rise to reset the desired riser height you would use the
following key strokes to enter the new default setting for the calculator. Press 5, inch, 1, /, 2, stair, and the calculator window will display R-Htm 5 1/2. This tool really is that easy to use.

Stair Calculator Free Trial Download

Get a free 30 day trial of the Construction Master calculator for your PC. Sorry MAC users, this is only for windows.

There is also a short demo of the Calculator available, even though you won’t be able to input your own values.

Uses for Construction Master 5

Building Stairs

  • Spiral
  • Straight
  • L Shaped
  • U Shaped
  • Winders
  • Deck Stairs
  • Roof Framing

  • Gable Roof Framing
  • Hip
  • Gambrel
  • Valley
  • Wall Framing

  • Raked Walls
  • Balloon Framed Gable Walls
  • Squaring Walls
  • This is merely a small sampling of the functions of this calculator. It is truly the best carpentry tool since the invention of the electric saw.
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