Prefabricated Stairs

Prefabricated Stairs

Prefabricated stairs
are available locally and their use can easily equate into a savings of
30 – 40 percent. Whether you’re building track, duplex, multi – family,
or custom homes a design or
style is available to fit your needs. One of the more complex and
expensive carpentry tasks faced by all builders is the stair building

Just to construct a straight set of wooden stairs with no finish stringer and carpeted stair treads
requires over 275 circular saw cuts. For a carpenter to figure out the
rise, run, layout, cut the stringers, risers, treads, and install the components can easily take 4 hours.

Prefabricated Stairs vs. Site Built

No matter what type of stairs are to be built they should be installed as early in the building process as possible.The earlier they are built the sooner the framing crew and all the other tradesman that come after can make use of them.

If it is not feasible to get the permanent staircase installed in a timely manner, portable stairs should be installed.

This will make the work crews more efficient and safer.

Site Built Stairs

  • Require more experienced carpenters.
  • Lumber is sometimes warped, bowed, cupped, or cracked unless much more expensive #1 stair stock is purchased.
  • Greater risk of human error resulting in costly material waste.
  • Ready Made Stairs

  • Stronger squeak free construction.
  • Finish stringer already applied.
  • Router cuts are used in the stringers using wedges, nails, and glue to secure the risers and treads.
  • Can be installed by two carpenters in 15 minutes or less.
  • Less waste on the job site.
  • Custom stair treads available.
  • Available in a wide variety of designs.
  • Styles of Ready Made Stairs

      Straight stairs from 3 to 15 steps with custom heights.
      L – shaped 90 degree stairs with a landing.
      180 degree stairs with one or two landings.
      Curved 90 degree stairs.
      All styles in standard or custom designs, made of metal or wood.

    No matter what your project you can increase production and lower costs thru the use of ready made stairs.

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