Deck Stairs Riser Height

Deck Stairs Riser Height

by Don

(Pittsburg MO)

I’m trying to build a set of stairs for my deck and I come up with a riser height of 8 and 1/8 inches. My overall rise is 56 and 7/8 inches and the run can be whatever it needs to be.
I am nearly 70 years old and that big of a step would be very uncomfortable for me and my wife. Any ideas?

Rick (Moderator)
You are right Don that big of a step would be tough for many people. Most localities in my area will not allow that big of a riser.

Instead of using 7 steps at 8 and 1/8 inches why don’t we just add a step and see what happens. I am using a construction master calculator so its easy for me.

Using an overall rise of 56 and 7/8 inches if you use 8 steps at 7 and 1/8 inches it will work out very well. Using a 10 and 5/8 tread width will give you an overall run of 74 and 3/8 inches. and an angle of inclination of 33.85 degrees.
This should be a very comfortable step.

Let’s Review
56 7/8,INCH,RISE,
7 1/8,INCH,R-HT,
0 1/8,INCH,R+/-,
10 5/8,INCH,T-WD,
89 9/16,INCH,STRG,
33.85 º,,INCL,
74 3/8,INCH,RUN,
56 7/8,INCH,RISE,
7 1/2,INCH,R-HT,
10 5/8,INCH,T-WD,

9/18/2012,8:54:59 AM,

You will need to use treated 2 X 12s for stringers, you don’t say how wide the steps are but I would have a stringer at least every 16 inches.

If you use treated 2 X 12s for treads they will have to be ripped to get the desired bull nose.
If this is not clear or you have any further questions please use the comment box to discuss this further. Thanks

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