Basic Concrete Forms

Basic Concrete Forms

Poured wall concrete forms come in a wide variety of
different forming systems. Over the years I have become familiar with
several types, some of which worked very well, others not so well.

Perhaps you remember the old Johnny Clamp system, this was my first experience with wall forms. These forms are made with four by eight sheets of 3/4 inch plywood and two by
fours, talk about heavy. Anyone who has ever used the old Johnny Clamps
really appreciates the newer styles of forms.

Modern concrete wall forming systems are designed to sit on a footing that is flat, level, smooth, and square. The footing is
the key to getting a poured concrete wall that is straight, level, and

If you do a good job on the footings the easier the setting of the wall forms will be. All modern forming systems are designed with speed and accuracy
in mind. An efficient wall crew can form and pour a full basement on a
2,000 square foot ranch in a single day with good organization and
support equipment.

Handset Concrete Forms

Symons is probably the best known manufacturer of wall forming systems, with a product to fit nearly any need for residential or commercial construction. Symons supplies three basic types of wall forming systems designed for residential use.

three systems Resi-Ply, Steel Ply, and Symons Silver use the same basic
modular design to erect the wall forms. The major components of these
systems include;

  • Standard panels that make up the bulk of any wall forming setup.
  • Filler panels are used when the length of the wall are not even two foot measurements.
  • Form ties are used to keep the forms from spreading when the concrete is poured inside.
  • Whaler brackets are used to line and straighten the top of the forms.
  • Corners both inside and outside.
  • Aligners are used to straighten and brace the top of forms in the proper position.
  • Scaffold brackets are placed on the forms to allow workers to safely access the top of walls when pouring concrete.
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    Made of special HDO (high density overlay) 1 1/8 inch plywood and designed for residential construction the average home can be formed and poured the same day.


    Lighter weight than resi-ply panels and more versatile, no special tools required, a carpenters hammer is all you need.

    Symons Silver

    Lightweight aluminum forms with three foot wide standard panels increase worker productivity.

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