Ceiling Joists 24 X 24 Garage

Ceiling Joists 24 X 24 Garage

by Phil

(Old Mazon, IL)

I am in the planning stages of building a 24 X 24 foot garage with a 5/12 pitch gable roof. Instead of using scissor trusses I want to cut the roof and put a ceiling joist every four feet or so to gain more storage space in the attic.

I know that I have seen this in other garages but don’t know how to lay it out or brace it off.

I plan on using 2 X 6 rafters on 16 inch centers.
Is this possible, and if so, how do I go about it.

Rick (Moderator)
I’ve done this many times and it works well if done right. I would use Douglas Fir 2 X 8s on four foot centers for ceiling joists and collar ties on every rafter. Put a “rat run” down the center and hang each ceiling joist from the ridge board.

Use a 2 X 4 nailed flat to the ridge board and rat run, also let it hang down far enough to nail thru the ceiling joist into the hanger board. Let me know if you need more details.

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